Mission of Embrace Shoreline Schools

The Mission of Embrace Shoreline Schools is to connect the students of Shoreline School District to the resources they need to succeed. We provide students in need of goods or services a chance to connect with the community (community members, churches, businesses, civic clubs, and nonprofits) to address the need. These may include assistance with basic needs such as clothing and food needs, activity fees, mentorships, tutoring, school supplies, and other services that promote wellbeing and set the in-need students up for success.

Starting in 2008, as a group of several Shoreline churches that organized to assist local schools with landscaping needs, we have evolved to a community-based organization looking to leverage community resources and relationships to support the in-need students in the Shoreline School District (Cities of Shoreline and Lake Forest Park, WA).

In 2018, we joined forces with Kinder Konnection to be their pilot program to help the community-centered support to other school districts. Through our help and documentation, other communities can create similar programs in their school districts.

Embrace Shoreline Schools seeks to assist students and families to navigate the barriers that are in the way of receiving basic needs and a quality education. We recognize the need for integrated, coordinated services for in-need students. We seek to partner with local civic clubs, businesses, nonprofits, churches and individual community members to provide for the unfulfilled needs of students.


All students deserve a quality education that gives them the best possible opportunity to succeed regardless of barriers. Involving the community in helping students is a benefit to us all. Promoting education, engaging the community to collaborate, and build relationships. The key to a student’s success lies in the community.