Successful First Week of Giving

We made it through our first official first week of giving. We had 2 requests that came in from advocates and were able to fulfill them both.

First request was for diapers for a special needs child, a donor came through with $200 of diapers for this family. They will be delivered on Monday, photos to follow.

The other request was for 2 youth bus passes for a family struggling with transportation issues. A generous donor came forward to pay for 5 weeks of bus passes for these high-schoolers that lived out of the district.

So happy to live in a community so generous. Please continue to share this site, our facebook page and mission with your neighbors and friends.

2 thoughts on “Successful First Week of Giving”

  1. Howdy Mike Dee here,
    Hi Embrace Shoreline Schools,

    Thank you for your work.

    The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act & Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA ), cover transportation costs for students to get to school by the district(s).
    (Please check with the McKinney-Vento Liason at SSD, & please let me know if they cannot help in this area with that.)
    If the student is not experiencing homelessness, then some advocacy and lobbying needs to be done at a number of different levels & places and this should be resolved for all.
    Please let me know how I can help in this area.
    Mike Dee out

    1. Hi Mike Dee!

      Thank you for reaching out. We work closely with the Family Advocates to identify students. Meeting many wonderful community agencies through the Shoreline CRT meetings. Our hope is to make connections between them so they are not in silos. There are many gaps for families in needs that do not qualify for McKinney-Vento. Our goal is to start by resolving immediate needs and bring to light those existing gaps. As you mentioned, advocacy and lobbying for the gaps we encounter is key. Our goal is to remain very grassroots and rely on existing community assets to ensure success for all of our students. We are planning a community meetup soon to talk about these needs. We would love to have you be a part of it. I will follow up with you via email.

      Thank you for your support!

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