Moving into our 2nd Year

Thank you all for helping our first year supporting the Shoreline/ LFP students a success! We are very excited to continue our growth this year. Our focus is to build a volunteer base and fine tune our processes. A few things in particular are:

  • social media posting
  • arranging drop-offs and pick-ups
  • transportation of large items like furniture
  • help build community awareness and relationships with local businesses

If you are interested in helping whether through in-kind donations or your time, we welcome your help. Please message us via email: or our facebook page:

One thought on “Moving into our 2nd Year”

  1. A success story: last year, a student who loved being on her high school performance dance team was about to quit the team due to the financial stress on her family. They had paid hundreds of dollars for the uniform costs (which some years can be as much as $1000), but weren’t able to pay off the entire bill, due to other financial demands that had to take precedence. A generous community member paid the remaining balance and the student was able to stay on the team which has been a highlight of her high school experience. Thank you, generous Shoreline community!

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