Moving into our 2nd Year

Thank you all for helping our first year supporting the Shoreline/ LFP students a success! We are very excited to continue our growth this year. Our focus is to build a volunteer base and fine tune our processes. A few things in particular are:

  • social media posting
  • arranging drop-offs and pick-ups
  • transportation of large items like furniture
  • help build community awareness and relationships with local businesses

If you are interested in helping whether through in-kind donations or your time, we welcome your help. Please message us via email: or our facebook page:

Collective Impact

Hello friends! We are so very grateful for the support and giving nature of this community. Our biggest needs continue to be furniture/ beds for families that have recently moved to permanent housing and bus passes for students/families in need. There are several local agencies that also help with these but there are often barriers in the way. We seek to help remove those.

As we move into Spring, we would love to expand our base of volunteers. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Volunteers for moving furniture
  • Use of large trucks and/or trailers to move furniture
  • Storage area for donated items
  • Check made out to King County Metro Transit to help with bus passes
  • Amazon gift cards – coming soon– an Amazon wishlist of items for students… Stay tuned!

Monthly meet-ups will be starting in April for those wanting to help. This will be a great way to get to know neighbors and build community. Please share this site and our facebook page with your neighbors, friends, and family to help us grow our reach.

Thank you!

2018 Recap

2018 was a great year as we spent most of the year getting to know local social agencies, networking at City of Shoreline City Hall Community Resource Team meetings, getting to know the folks at Shoreline Public Schools, the family advocates, and secondary counselors. The Shoreline PTA Council 6.12, and Jill with The Works have been great. We partnered with Shoreline Rotary Club, and even had the pleasure of meeting Lien Titus with Secret Shoreline. The list goes on… Shoreline Food4Kids 5k, Back to School Consortium, our partnership with Kinder Konnection. There are SOOO many great organizations and community members that are focused on helping the children in our community. It is very heartwarming. ❤️ Thank you all! If you are an organization or business and looking to contribute to the students of Shoreline/ LFP, we would love to connect.

We officially launched our website in September. Since that time, I am so pleased to say that WE (you, me, your neighbors, your friends, and local organizations) have given the following to help students and families in Shoreline/ LFP: (ready?)

$285 towards bus tickets
over $500 in diapers/wipes
a YMCA membership
$555 in gift cards
12 blankets, 5 sets of sheets, household paper products, cleaning supplies,
(I would like to take a moment to mention that many of these items are for families that recently got permanent housing) We strongly believe that a child’s most basic needs must be met before they can be their best.

Let’s continue with our list:
4 beds
several pieces of furniture
several bags of Thanksgiving food items
poinsettias and wreaths, a childs holiday wish list fulfilled
bed linens, cookware, and funds for a family in crisis from domestic violence.

Whew! This is such a great list but the gift that is even more special is letting kids know that their community cares.

Here’s to 2019!

Help for local family in need

We have recently heard from a family advocate about a local family (single mom with 4 children) that has recently undergone many life changes due to domestic violence.

They are awaiting government assistance and working with other local social agencies to get things in order. In the spirit of giving, we would like to raise $2000 for this family to help them with essential needs to help them get back on their feet.

Paypal donations are being accepted thru They are a partner organization that helps underserved students in Washington State with essential needs. If you choose to donate, be sure to add Embrace Shoreline Schools to comment section and email us at to let us know your name and amount. We will be sure to send you a tax receipt for your records. No amount is too small.



A couple of months in…

Just wanted to give everyone an update on how things have been going with Embrace Shoreline Schools. In the short time that we have been around, we have had great participation from the community. We are building our network with other local agencies (Thank you Shoreline Rotary and Kinder Konnection) and excited to see the power of working together.

One of the great things about choosing to donate to this cause is that you are the one that chooses who you help and know directly where your money (or items) are going. You will at times see needs on this site that are not for a specific student but for the family/ parent instead.

A couple of people have asked out that and our thoughts are in line with Maslow’s theory of hierarchy. That people start at the bottom of the pyramid and as those needs are met, they progress in motivation and well-being. Children and teens are no different, they are not in control the the physiological needs, safety and security. That is why we find it important to help them achieve it on a basic level and this is why we often post to help the parents as well. We encourage you to give and donate as you wish.

There are many great opportunities for community giving coming up with the holidays. Here are a few:

  • Food and Teen Gift Drive provides a December boost for Shoreline School District families in need. The 2 local high-schools and the PTSA works in conjunction with ASB Leadership. District-wide, many social service agencies help with this Shoreline PTA Council led effort.
  • The Works is looking for new/ gently used winter coats.
  • Center for Human Services has an online wishlist

We have also received a lot of interest from the community and we will be planning a meeting in the coming weeks to meet those that want to volunteer. Stay tuned!


Successful First Week of Giving

We made it through our first official first week of giving. We had 2 requests that came in from advocates and were able to fulfill them both.

First request was for diapers for a special needs child, a donor came through with $200 of diapers for this family. They will be delivered on Monday, photos to follow.

The other request was for 2 youth bus passes for a family struggling with transportation issues. A generous donor came forward to pay for 5 weeks of bus passes for these high-schoolers that lived out of the district.

So happy to live in a community so generous. Please continue to share this site, our facebook page and mission with your neighbors and friends.

Mission of Embrace Shoreline Schools

The Mission of Embrace Shoreline Schools is to connect the students of Shoreline School District to the resources they need to succeed. We provide students in need of goods or services a chance to connect with the community (community members, churches, businesses, civic clubs, and nonprofits) to address the need. These may include assistance with basic needs such as clothing and food needs, activity fees, mentorships, tutoring, school supplies, and other services that promote wellbeing and set the in-need students up for success.

Starting in 2008, as a group of several Shoreline churches that organized to assist local schools with landscaping needs, we have evolved to a community-based organization looking to leverage community resources and relationships to support the in-need students in the Shoreline School District (Cities of Shoreline and Lake Forest Park, WA).

In 2018, we joined forces with Kinder Konnection to be their pilot program to help the community-centered support to other school districts. Through our help and documentation, other communities can create similar programs in their school districts.

Embrace Shoreline Schools seeks to assist students and families to navigate the barriers that are in the way of receiving basic needs and a quality education. We recognize the need for integrated, coordinated services for in-need students. We seek to partner with local civic clubs, businesses, nonprofits, churches and individual community members to provide for the unfulfilled needs of students.


All students deserve a quality education that gives them the best possible opportunity to succeed regardless of barriers. Involving the community in helping students is a benefit to us all. Promoting education, engaging the community to collaborate, and build relationships. The key to a student’s success lies in the community.