Help a Student

THIS PAGE IS IN BETA and ready for initial requests.

Here is a list of current needs of students within the Shoreline School District. If you are interested in committing to fill the need, click on the PLEDGE button and complete the form. We will reach out to you to arrange the details to fulfill the need.

We have partnered with Kinder Konnection, a 501(c)3 to process monetary donations on our behalf through Paypal.  Please be sure to add a note in the comments of the paypal page with the item you are pledging for and that it is for Embrace Shoreline Schools.

We do hope to be able to post updates and successes on our blog but anonymity for both the giver and receiver will be upheld.

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Beds: 2 Queen and 2 Twin

The large family just got permanent housing and needs 2 Queen beds and 2 twin beds. We have connected them to various resources in the community other items but these are still needed.

Posted on 11-18-2018 17:51:35.

Bed linens and cleaning supplies

Family of 10 just moved have found housing but need household cleaning supplies and sheets, blankets and comforters for 2 Queen size beds and 2 twin size beds. We have connected them to various resources in Shoreline for basic needs too.

Posted on 11-18-2018 17:47:40.

Queen size mattress, boxspring and frame

This family has recently found permanent housing after being without a place to live for quite a while. The parents have managed to find beds for all the kids, but are looking for a bed for themselves now.

Posted on 11-08-2018 22:52:44.

Diapers (multiple sizes) and Wipes

Single mom to 5 kids, two of which are under the age of 5, is in need of diapers for the two youngest children. Size 2 diapers for the youngest, and size 5 for other child (both regular as well as some pull-ups to help with potty training). She could also use some wipes.

Posted on 11-08-2018 18:24:36.

gas/grocery gift card

Struggling single mom who needs a little help getting through tough times

Posted on 11-02-2018 21:11:27.

Sheets and Blankets for Queen and Toddler beds

A family has been gifted a toddler bed (thank you Embrace community!) and a queen bed, but does not have the financial means to get sheets or blankets for them. It would be helpful to provide a couple of sets of sheets for the toddler in case of any middle of the night messes.

Posted on 11-01-2018 18:30:00.

Orca Card

Student lives with family friend after much conflict at home. She needs an Orca card to get to work.

Posted on 10-30-2018 18:52:46.

Up to $200 for school performance dance team

This student is thrilled to be involved at school as part of a performance dance team. However, the expenses for uniform and other costs has been a hardship to the family. A balance of $200 remains. We hope these teams can be more accessible for more students/families through community members' support. Your help with any/all of the remaining expense will make a big difference to this student and the family. Thank you!

Posted on 10-29-2018 20:02:00.

Orca Card

My student lives in Seattle and needs help with bus money getting to and from school each day. He has a single parent and the bus is $15 a week at $1.50 per trip for teens.

Posted on 10-25-2018 15:29:02.

A working car

This family of five is in need of a family car. Their previous car had over 300K miles on it and will require over 5K to repair. Both parents work and 3 kids are in Shoreline Schools. Their wonderful family is always finding ways to give their time to the community. Would be great if someone was considering donating a car. This family could really use one.

Posted on 10-05-2018 23:39:35.