Help a Student

Here is a list of current needs of students within the Shoreline School District. If you are interested in committing to fill the need, click on the PLEDGE button and complete the form. We will reach out to you to arrange the details to fulfill the need.

We have partnered with Kinder Konnection, a 501(c)3 to process monetary donations on our behalf through Paypal.  Please be sure to add a note in the comments of the paypal page with the item you are pledging for and that it is for Embrace Shoreline Schools.

We do hope to be able to post updates and successes on our blog but anonymity for both the giver and receiver will be upheld.

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Parent needs lock on their apartment door replced

Purse was stolen. Lock was broken. Family needs a new lock for safety. Cost $80. Check cn be made to the landlord

Posted on 12-06-2019 03:09:32.

Alarm clocks

We have a student who doesn't have an alarm clock and could use one to help get him up in the morning. Complicated family situation so we'd love to be able to easily get him one.

Posted on 12-04-2019 18:54:58.

$ 50 toward performance dance team fees

This student is working hard to to pay her team fees and is requesting $50 so she can join her fellow students on the team

Posted on 10-08-2019 20:51:26.

$ 200 toward performance dance team fees

Being involved in an extracurricular activity is highly correlated with academic success and other positive outcomes, such as less risky behaviors. These teams give opportunities for skill building, increased self esteem and positive team involvement. Helping students be involved in these ways makes our community safer and healthier! Every student should have the chance to join these teams, not just the financially advantaged students

Posted on 10-04-2019 00:28:29.

VISA or grocery gift cards

This family lives on a limited income and they have been temporarily displaced from their apartment due to plumbing problems. They are staying in a hotel and are running short on funds due to having to eat out a lot since they don't have access to a full kitchen. Gift cards that can be used for groceries or gas would be helpful.

Posted on 09-17-2019 22:51:48.

Toilet Paper

We have a few families in need of toilet paper. This will be an ongoing need and we are happy to store any excess donations for future needs.

Posted on 09-14-2019 22:06:22.

Bus Vouchers/ Tickets

There are frequent requests for bus vouchers to help high school students get around as needed. This is not just to school but to work and after school activities. King County Metro offers reduced pricing for these vouchers for schools. Checks made out to King County Metro in values of $15, $30, or $45 is the best way to help us with these.

Posted on 09-14-2019 22:04:18.