Help a Student

Here is a list of current needs of students within the Shoreline School District. If you are interested in committing to fill the need, click on the PLEDGE button and complete the form. We will reach out to you to arrange the details to fulfill the need.

We have partnered with Kinder Konnection, a 501(c)3 to process monetary donations on our behalf through Paypal.  Please be sure to add a note in the comments of the paypal page with the item you are pledging for and that it is for Embrace Shoreline Schools.

We do hope to be able to post updates and successes on our blog but anonymity for both the giver and receiver will be upheld.

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Grocery gift card

One of our families with 2 students is struggling to pay for food and would appreciate a gift card for at least $25 to a local grocery store.

Posted on 06-06-2019 16:51:19.

A computer

4th grade student needs access to a working computer to do homework. Her mom is limited by disabilities that impact her ability to work, get around the community, and access resources but wants her daughter to have the opportunity to succeed.

Posted on 05-22-2019 19:26:59.

Couch or futon

Family is currently living with relatives. They now have access to a bedroom and a living space and would like to turn the living space into an actual living room. They would greatly appreciate a couch or futon.

Posted on 05-09-2019 16:57:31.

$30 towards an Orca Pass

A high school student is in need of a bus pass to pick up her younger siblings after school. Her family is facing recent financial challenges and she is responsible for making sure her siblings make it home safely.

Posted on 05-03-2019 21:51:33.

Up to $300 for school performance dance team

This wonderful student is a member on one of our performance dance teams. Involvement on these teams is not an option for many students, unfortunately, since uniform/etc costs are ~$1000. This student's family encountered unexpected financial difficulties this year and the students is worried about her parent's ability to cover the remaining balance. Any contribution would be so appreciated. Payment is to Shorewood's business office. Thank you for supporting this well deserving student!

Posted on 04-29-2019 15:33:49.

3T/4T Pullups and Wipes

Mom is currently unemployed and is in need of wipes and diapers for her youngest child.

Posted on 04-17-2019 17:43:49.

Rent support - $500

This family got behind on rent due to some family emergencies and not being able to work during the snow storms.

Posted on 03-29-2019 21:44:49.

$45 in bus tickets

We have a high school student who is paying $3 a day in bus fair to come to school. She comes on time and she is a great student, but her parents currently do not have jobs and the student is working her own job to afford her basic needs.

Posted on 03-25-2019 18:58:03.

Orca Pass (Money Order/Check for $75 to KC Metro)

A high school student is in need of an Orca Pass to help her get home from work. She is living on her own and buying her own food, but works evenings after school and needs bus access so she doesn't have to walk home at night. In order to purchase a youth pass, we need to send payment by Money Order or check to King County Metro. Any amount helps! - It costs $36 for her to get home from work for a month.

Posted on 03-20-2019 16:45:25.

Small Adult and or Large child Diapers

Our special needs classroom would like to ask for Small Adult and or Large Child diapers. Parents can not afford extra ones for the classroom.

Posted on 03-15-2019 21:43:24.

A city bus pass

Family often does not have enough money for bus far between paychecks, is needed to get to food banks and apptointments

Posted on 02-28-2019 22:02:31.

Bunk Bed frame (twin/full combo) and mattresses

Mother was laid-off. Older sibling was also laid-off and moved back home. Older sibling's child started to have health issues.

Posted on 01-18-2019 19:25:26.

A working car

This family of five is in need of a family car. Their previous car had over 300K miles on it and will require over 5K to repair. Both parents work and 3 kids are in Shoreline Schools. Their wonderful family is always finding ways to give their time to the community. Would be great if someone was considering donating a car. This family could really use one.

Posted on 10-05-2018 23:39:35.